21 CFR Part 11:

21 CFR Part 11 and its scope we have a tendency to outline regulation twenty one CFR half eleven, justify its purpose, and come into being criteria for distinguishing the environments, laptop systems, electronic records, and electronic signatures to that it applies. we have a tendency to describe however underlying legal necessities square measure such as by predicate rules. we have a tendency to entails that it’s not the sort of system that determines whether or not half eleven applies, however the employment to that the system is place. Finally, we have a tendency to introduce the regulation’s.

Distinction Between Closed And Open Systems

Procedures And Controls– we have a tendency to describe the procedures and controls that require to be established and followed to befits half eleven. we have a tendency to determine those that the FDA exercises social control discretion. we have a tendency to offer samples of open systems and description extra procedures and controls needed for them.

Electronic Signatures- we have a tendency to come into being half 11’s necessities for electronic signatures. we have a tendency to specify the knowledge to be provided and that we define constraints on the approach signatures square measure coupled to records. we have a tendency to emphasize the importance of individuality of signatures and verification of the identity of signatories.

we have a tendency to mention the necessity for happening certification with the FDA. we have a tendency to define elements of non-biometric and biometric signatures. Finally, we have a tendency to come into being procedures and controls needed for user names and passwords.

FDA social control discretion- we have a tendency to describe the FDA’s slender interpretation of half eleven, and its result on the necessity to befits a number of the regulation’s provisions. we have a tendency to discuss the newest relevant FDA steering for trade and also the result of the agency’s interpretation on its social control of compliance with necessities for validation, audit trails, record retention, and record repeating. we have a tendency to additionally specify the exemption for gift laptop systems.

Who Can Take Pleasure In This Module?

This module provides essential coaching for all personnel United Nations agency use laptop systems in GxP environments.
Define regulation 21 CFR  Part 11 and justify its context and purpose
Specify criteria to work out that environments, laptop systems, electronic records, and electronic signatures should Benefits the regulation.
Describe procedures and controls needed by the regulation for electronic records and electronic signatures
Describe the implications of the FDA’s discretion in implementing compliance with a number of the provisions of the regulation

The Regulative Necessities Of  Twenty One CFR Eleven

It is imperative you understand the regulative necessities for each twenty one CFR eleven and also the interaction with the applicable predicate rule, otherwise you may have issues implementing a good approach for half eleven compliance. what is more, the compliance policy guide sets out the FDA’s expectations once they examine a company.

This Presentation Can Justify In Detail:

Implications of the ultimate rule and the way it affects day to day observe – what square measure the $64000 problems and the way to trot out them.
Electronic records and closed systems outlined and what they mean

Electronic records and their management and the way twenty one CFR eleven can affect:

Open and closed systems

Security and access management problems

The use of hybrid systems (paper signatures and electronic records) ? What systems produce electronic records and square measure ruled by twenty one CFR11?

Is validation of all systems and documentation required? If thus, however will the info be collected and given effectively
The real impact of twenty one CFR eleven on electronic signatures, digital signatures, and record and signature linking Enforcement update from the FDA: Compliance Policy Guide – you need to comply.


Learn how the laws live} taken and implemented by the FDA from actual case studies and what measure do you have to have in situ before you’re inspected.
Case studies of real samples of institution examination Reports, Warning Letters and Inspectional Observations (Form 483) e.g.. Gaines Chemical Company 483 observations in Dec 1999. Linweld warning letter August 1999 and its consequences. and samples of different firms.
Key learning points from inspections involving twenty one CFR eleven and also the safeguards that you simply have to be compelled to implement.


To develop an area eleven compliance assessment and correction programme you need to perceive the processes and problems concerned. This presentation can justify the way to develop a policy that may change you to become compliant.

Why you wish a policy for twenty one CFR eleven compliance: contents and coverage
Checklist for assessing however your project is progressing
Setting up a list for all processed systems and risk assessment for every system.
Gap and arrange Approach – what it’s, and the way to use it effectively to assess if your systems square measure compliant Evaluating every system against validation and electronic records/electronic signature (ER/ES) necessities (Gap) with real samples of non-compliance Making sure your body and procedural controls square measure in situ (Gap) Planning to create your system compliant (Plan for Remediation).