But Are These the Best 3 Spanish Language Courses on CD for You?
by Karen Waites 04/2010 | LearnSpanish Programs co-editor

As a teacher I see students tend to make this assumption when it comes to finding the best Spanish CD programs and courses...
Best Learn Spanish CDs?

And that is they assume that the Spanish CD course that's currently the most popular, best reviewed, or the most expensive must be the best for them. Now, I will say that many times that it's true. Because some programs are simply better products. But most of the time the 'best' is not the best for you.

So, Which Learn Spanish Course CDs are Really the Best?

The simple answer is the one that's are best for you -- obviously! Well, maybe that's not so obvious. So, here's a few questions to consider to give you an idea of what you need? Because, in the end the 'best' Spanish language CD course is largely dependent upon what your current goals, learning level, time restraints, and learning modality or style is.

Everyone is different in that respect so the same course can't always be the best for everyone.

Ok, so having said that if you're in a hurry to see what I believe to currently be the best three learn Spanish CD courses are you can skip down to it now.

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Top Spanish CD Courses of 2010:

Rocket Spanish CD Lessons
Review Rocket Spanish Program
The Rocket Spanish course is owned by Libros media Ltd and designed and written by Mauricio Evlampieff, who is a highly experienced native speaking Chilean Spanish teacher. Rocket Spanish lessons are edited by Amy Waterman who speaks fluent Spanish after living in the Ecuadorian Andes for years.

Having said that this program is unanimously our editors' top pick as it manages to be a straight forward and simple audio Spanish program that just works. It's excellent for people like me that don`t want to spend all day with their head stuck in a grammar book. I was listening, reading and interacting from the word go and I found the lessons relevant and interesting.

I did enjoy Rockets 'to the point' conversational approach to learning because I actually felt I could apply what's learned in practical conversations. The best thing is you get a lot of bang for your buck. Click this link to check out their latest learn Spanish language CD discount offer.

The audio files were especially important, the creator and editor worked together using the listen and repeat technique which is very engaging and placed me in real life situations, after all one of the best modalities or approaches to learning a language is via. doing. Almost immediately my Spanish comprehension grew as I was able to listen and pick out recognizable words .

Tell Me More Spanish CD / DVD Lessons
Tell Me More Spanish CDs
Tell Me More Spanish V10 is developed by Aurolog who opened its first office in Paris, France in 1987, when it started developing its “One size doesn´t fit all” approach to Spanish language courses. Tell me more Spanish are conclusively, a leading and credible Spanish course provider. Tell me more Spanish definitely has plenty to offer the Spanish language learner.

Tell Me more Spanish has very recently brought the V10 boxed course to the market. V10 Spanish claims to use both the communicative and PRIME approach. It is definately a comprehensive and offers ten levels, ranging from complete beginner to advanced.

The V10 course includes progress tests, a weekly Euro news report (European not Latino Spanish), 20 hours of interactive DVD video also formatted in CDs and MP3 audio. The DVD's include role play exercises that allow you to play a TV Character, 24/7 online support and a 90 day money back guarantee. That´s quite a bit of V10 even with the current price. To check out Tell Me More's most recent discount offer or rebate, click here: Learn Spanish Course CD.

Pimsleur Spanish Audio CDs

Pimsluer Spanish CDs I’m sure that Creator and highly regarded linguistic expert Dr. Paul Pimsleur never intended this when he embarked on his linguistic studies. But, he has created a highly marketable monster. The Pimsleur Spanish CDs offers a leading language course that has learners full of high expectations.

And to be fair the Pimsleur language program is not the only Spanish course provider claiming that you will learn to speak Spanish in a ridiculously short period of time. But the audio learning style has you acquiring Spanish words and phrases that you'll carry for life. One of the best attributes is retention. However, it's primarily a CD based learn to speak Spanish course as opposed to a full comprehensive Spanish study course.

Support is minimal but like most CD courses the guarantee keeps you from loss and the price is reasonable.
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Questions to Consider Before Buying Any Spanish CD Language Course:

  • Is the Content of Good Quality?:
  • This is the first consideration of any learning Spanish CD or DVD program. Unfortunately where most start but then stop. Based on user reviews, does the Spanish program offer quality audio? Is it formatted on CD only? What about MP3? Can I try before I buy?

  • Is the Content Relevant?:
  • In other words, does the so-called 'best' learn Spanish CD program teach what you specifically want to learn? We're finding that more and more Spanish programs focus on a unique target audience. For example, if you're wanting to learn business Spanish as a beginner you would do well to consider the Rocket Spanish Audio CDs as opposed to the informal, survival Spanish found within Learn Spanish Like Crazy CD's.

  • Is the Content Scalable?:
  • Ideally you want a Spanish CD program with multiple levels or packages to start from. Most quality programs will at the very least offer beginners and Advanced Spanish Cd courses. If you're a beginner its good to know that you can upgrade later with the same company especially if the beginning Spanish CD course 'works' for you.

  • Is the Content Teaching You?
  • What almost nobody considers before buying learn to speak Spanish CDs is how they learn best. Most don't realize they have a unique way of processing information. Do you learn best by hearing, seeing, or doing? Those are the main three 'modalities' that Spanish program creators target. Some programs highlight one while others all three. Having said that if you learn better visually, why buy the 'best' learn Spanish CD's when DVD's are available?

    By the way if your not sure what your dominant learning style is it helps to think about how you describe a particular experience. Do you tend to recall sounds or do you use visually descriptive words or by how the experience felt? Think about it because it can help you determine if hearing Spanish on CDs is appropriate for your style.

WARNING: Third party 'Free' bonus offer packages with inflated values are often scams used as a ploy to garner your email address for subsequent spam offers. In the long run you'll be better served staying with bonuses offered by the creators.