Pimsleurs Spanish Course for 2013: An Honest Review
by Maria Cristina Silva Lopez  January 7, 2013 | LearnSpanish Programs co-editor             

As a Spanish tutor I see students struggle with Spanish. They know what to say, but lack confidence to say it
Learn Pimsleur Spanish Program

...and lack of confidence causes them to look down, mumble, and you can't hear what they're saying. Now, before this Pimsleur review looks at any complaints, first I love the fact that the Pimsleur Spanish approach is relentless at giving you speaking confidence...fast!

Pimsleurs "Quick & Simple" Spanish lessons are a popular start for those looking for practical and fast results. If you've ever made even a cursory review of Pimsluer's claim it's a pretty brash one:

"Discover how you can learn Spanish in 10 days free from the computer, free from memorization...absolutely guaranteed."

So, what's the big deal with this Pimsleur approach anyway?

Who is Dr. Pimsleur?

Pimsleur Spanish was developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, who is recognized as an authority within the study of applied linguistics: how we learn and use languages. After attaining a masters and Ph.D. in language and psychological statistics he created the language lab at Ohio State University.

What makes his language learning programs so unique is his applied learning techniques for language acquisition.

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How does Pimsleur Spanish Program Work?

Pimsleur's Spanish Program is an all-audio course. You do a lesson a day. Time investment works out to a half an hour each day. All lessons are the same: you listen to a conversation, then the narrator helps you learn new words, and slowly you start creating your own expressions. Finally, you take part in the conversation you heard at the beginning.

Pimsleur Spanish is based on two ideas:

1. The Principle of Anticipation:  Enables students to quickly speak Spanish without having to memorize rules.

2. Graduated Interval Recall:  Strategically presents more new words in the beginning and then gradually less as the program moves on. This way words go from your short-term memory to your long-term one. Pimsluer language learning style consistently ranks as one of the best memory retention programs on the market.

Is it Easy to Use?

Dr. Pimsleurs' belief for language learning is that we should learn a new language like our first one, by listening and imitating. And that’s all you have to do when you use Pimsleur Spanish: listen to each of the audio CD's and follow the instructions. The convenience of portable Spanish audio lessons on CD means students can learn in about any environment. In the end the Pimsleur learning method is probably the most user friendly Spanish software available.

After using other more expensive learn Spanish audio courses Pimsleur made me feel the least overwhelmed.

For any additional program discounts, coupons codes, or bonus offers I recommend those offered by Pimsluers creators here: Pimsleur Spanish Course Bonus instead of outside 3rd party offers. Only Pimsluer bonuses are backed by a guarantee with support.

WARNING: Third party 'Free' bonus offer packages with inflated values are often scams used as a ploy to garner your email address for subsequent spam offers. In the long run you'll be better served staying with bonuses offered by program developers.

What do I Really get?

Pimsleurs most popular comprehensive option comes in three distinct levels: Pimsleur Spanish 1, 2 and 3. Each level has 30 lessons, and 16 hours of audio. They come in 16 hard copy CD’s only. Note: As of March 2010 Pimsleur Spanish download is not available.

There is also Pimsluer Plus level, i.e. level 4 (for more advanced students), but shouldn't be tackled and not recommended until actually graduating from each of the comprehensive Spanish 1, 2 and 3 learning suites.

To keep learning Spanish simple Pimsluer purposefully leaves out detailed and intimidating instructional books or manuals like some Spanish audio instructional courses. There is however, a handy Spanish vocab booklet that lists all the words and expression, organized by lesson, so you don’t waste you time looking for them. You can also find cultural notes on the booklet.

Is this the Best Spanish Program for Learning?

From experience I can say that the even the basic Pimsluer Spanish Audio Program will have you talking from minute onen after one. The comprehensive approach with its graduated levels from 1 through Plus offer Spanish learning on about every level and at your own speed. Pimsleur Spanish is often touted the best Spanish learning program for correct accent. Granted you may never sound like a native speaker, Pimsleur will get you as close as possible.

Some users have complained that the problem with Pimsluer is that it goes too slow. Which is the opposite of most other learn Spanish programs that often feel like getting a drink from a fire hydrant. But I’d rather go slow and learn, than 'learn' fast and not remember anything. Pimsleur Spanish doesn’t claim to give you a large vocabulary, only about 1500 words. But it gives you the tools to learn more on your own. After all, once you’re done with all levels, you’ve mastered most of the grammar and you’ll have a near-native accent.


There may be more comprehensive learning approaches, but the bottom line is "Does the Pimsleur Approach Work?" Well, if you want to simply speak spanish fast, the Pimsluer approach works! This program is all about full Spanish comprehension with an emphasis on maximum speed and retention. Click here to check for the most current Pimsleur Spanish Discounts and bonus offers.